zondag 19 juli 2015


It's all over now.                    The Rolling Stones.
Ut is now veurbeej.                Stones / H.Buchholtz
Knock on wood.                      Eddy Floyd.
Before you accuse me.          Eric Clapton.
Bad moon rising.                    C.C.R.
Twist and shout.                     The Beatles.
Who'll stop the rain.               C.C.R.
Heart of stone.                       The Rolling Stones.
Hert van stein.                        Stones/ G.Holtermans.
I'm Free .                                The Rolling Stones.                               
Ik doon waat ik doon wil.Stones/ G.Holtermans.
Proud Mary.                            C.C.R.
Brown eyed girl.                      Van Morrison.
All or nothing.                          Small  Faces.
Show me the way.                   Peter Frampton.
Take it easy.                             The Eagles.
Route 66.                                 The Rolling Stones.
De Maasroute.                         Stones/ H.Buchholtz.
The last time.                           The Rolling Stones.
De letste kier.                           Stones/ J.Holtermans.
It's all over now baby blue.      Them.
Fridays Child.                           Them.
Peaceful Easy Feeling.             The Eagles.
Gloria.                                       Them.
Mustang Sally.                            Wilson Picket.
Tequila Sunrise.                        The Eagles.
Something Youve Got.              Wilson Picket.
Under The Boardwalk.              The Rolling Stones.
Onder de Maasbrok.                 Stones/J.Holtermans.
The Midnight Hour.                    Wilson Picket.
Susy Q.                                      C.C.R.
The Midnight  Special.               C.C.R.
Take it or Leave it.                         The Rolling Stones.
Neem ut of laot ut.                     Stones/G.Holtermans.
Paint it Black.                             The Rolling Stones.
Verf ut Zwart.                              Stones/ J.Holtermans.
The kids are alright.                    The Who.
Here comes the Night.                  Them.   
Jumping Jack Flasch.                 The Rolling Stones.
Keuning Sjaak Maas.                  Stones/ G.Holtermans.
Sunshine of your love.                Clapton / Cream.
Love me two times.                    The Doors.
Born to be Wild.                          Steppenwolf.
Born on the Bayou.                 C.C.R.
White Room.                               Clapton / Cream.
Satisfaction.The Rolling Stones.
Det Geveul.        Stones/ J.Holtermans.
Brown Sugar.     The Rolling Stones.
Oet  Genuuje.                                Stones/G.Holtermans.

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